I Feel Like A Celebrity

Kinda sorta.

I had my first blogger interview!!!!

A very lovely blogger, Adi from the Happy Lifeaholic, interviewed me the other day. 20 questions, not much, but very carefully thoughout ones and ones that will give you an insight on how I am really like.

So if you really wanna know me and see me use dirty words in an interview, I suggest you get your ass on Happy Lifeaholic. 

Like right now.

I enjoyed answering the questions. And I would love for you all to read them.

And you better read them. I put in so much effort. Did you know I had to answer those twenty questions twice because my draft just vanished into thin air in between? Thank you, Hotmail.

Also, I will be guest blogging on there tomorrow! Do check it out!

9 thoughts on “I Feel Like A Celebrity

  1. I’ve just written a comment over on Adi’s site, but I wanted to repeat myself… (Yep, I do that a lot!)

    THANK YOU for your kind words. This really made my heart beam. You are too sweet. Sending you lots of love on Valentine’s day… (Even though I am the Valentine’s Scrooge…!)

    I hope you have an amazing weekend! 🙂 xx

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        1. *hugs*!

          Aww, wish you guys could be together. Hmm, sounds like you’ll have the day to yourself! Not so bad!

          I had a good day but I didn’t have ANY sleep last night and now I am unable to make sense of anything. But ofcourse, I can write a blog post!

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          1. Always! Haha… Well, I hope you can get a better night of sleep tonight!

            I did receive some roses from my husband…which is probably one of the most romantic things he’s done in …well…8 years or so! (He’s not romantic at all!) It was a pleasant surprise… and yes! A night to myself…finally! I will be doing my HAPPY DANCE! 😀

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  2. I’ve put your guest post up, you beautiful human being! 🙂 Hope you had a decent V-day! I’m in food coma from mine – which is perfectly acceptable 😀

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