Jared Wore A Braid!

I didn’t get to see the live show here thanks to Pakistan being one of the few countries (or probably the only one) who can’t bare to have it’s citizen bickering over who looks like a complete goddess/tramp at the red carpet. Damn you, Pakistan.

Jared Leto
I think it’s no surprise that Jared will always make my best dressed list no matter what. From the start, my eyes were searching for Leto and his man bun. But Jared being..well, Jared surprised us all with a braid!


I think he’s one of the few men who can pull of anything. He can wear a sack and still rock it.

Allison Williams
I don’t know who this girl is but I’m completely in love with the dress she’s wearing. Wearing such a bold color takes some real guts. But she totally rocked it. Whoever she is.


George and Amal Clooney
Here’s the new Brangelina! Without the adopted and non-adopted kids of course. They Clooneys were the most talked about couple at the awards. I love what Amal is wearing. Personally, I think she should have aimed higher and gone for some prince or duke instead of George. She just has this elegance about her that in my mind she can’t be anything but a Queen/Princess/Ballerina dancer.
P.S The gloves are a bit too much no?


Kate Hudson
I love her and she’s one of my favourite actresses. Although she looks glamorous in this Versace gown, it’s a bit too “Hey, look at me, I’m single!”.
Or maybe I’m just jealous.


Reese Witherspoon
It amazes me how someone so petite can be so glamorous. For me, she’s the definition of GLAM. I mean, look at her! All shiny and super expensive.


Zareen Naqvi


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