I Might As Well Go As A Harlot

I’m still recovering from my heart break over my sweet Belgian guy, so  excuse me that this pre-new year’s post is nothing like the typical pre-new year’s post: no motivating resolutions or promises of a : “new year, new me“. It’s just another year that is going to go by faster than I can snap my fat fingers. Just another year.

There is a chance of yours truly shifting permanently to the second most populous city of the UAE, but more on that later.

The problem at hand, though, is deciding what to wear to my Mom’s Wedding.

I mean, what can you wear to your Mom’s wedding? What should you wear?

I hate weddings and avoid them every chance I get. Which also means that I can’t recycle a dress that I had worn to my Aunt’s wedding and wear to my Mom’s instead. I have ZERO wedding clothes in my closet.

Initially, the wedding was to take place some time in October which is cold elsewhere and hot here in our beloved Karachi. Helplessly in love with gypsy items and dressing, I had opted for a nice, white gypsy-maxi dress, if you will. Even though I thought I would totally steal the show (that is the main goal), the “popular” opinion was that it was too casual.

You can wear it at your own wedding if you like it so much.”

So I settled on something a bit more elegant, still going with original flowy theme but more shimmery. I’m a Glambert. I can’t help it.

But then the event got postponed and now they are going to tie the already some-what tied knot in January. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter fashion. But I hate weddings, more so in the winters. Winters are cold and dark. So are most marriages, but I still think weddings is more of a summer season thing. You know, flowers blooming, everything bright and colorful.

StepDad suggested that I should go for a Saree.

Um, no.

See, Sarees are hot because they show the back and the tummy and leave the rest to imagination. They are not hot when EVERYTHING is left to imagination.

And imagine the amount of preciously earned money I would be spending on a Saree which I won’t be wearing for a second time at all.

Ugh, I hate this.

No amount of pinning pins of dresses on Pinterest can solve this. All sane suggestions are welcome. All insane suggestions are more than welcome. If this shiz doesn’t get sorted, I’m going as a harlot.

P.S Happy New Year my sweets!

Zareen Naqvi


19 thoughts on “I Might As Well Go As A Harlot

  1. Hey Zareen. Long time no hear! What a dilemma! As much as I love the flowing gypsy-styled dress (I WANT THAT DRESS!), I guess this wouldn’t be appropriate for winter (What’s the weather like over there?) I am steering towards the sarree! They are so pretty and elegant (and Hot!)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, and enjoy the wedding! 😀


    1. Hey Amanda!

      I have missed you!

      It’s not so cold, it doesn’t snow or anything. But it’s slightly chilly. And since the event will be in an open lawn..
      I don’t know. Maybe I could get a small fur jacket, like a light one, to wear.
      If I get a good, ready made Saree, that’s what I’m going for then!
      Thanks for the advice love!

      Happy New Year!! 😀 <3<3


  2. UAE is a hop, skip and jump away from where my parents live in Oman 😀 Anyway, good luck and best wishes to your mom on her upcoming wedding. And I’m sure whatever you choose will be a show stopper dear! I do love the white maxi though!


    1. Hellooo again! You know what would be cool? If you did a guest post for my blog around Valentine’s week 😀 I was totally thinking about this last night instead of sleeping. (Yay! overactive brain) Your is the only blog where I actively follow a love story so it only seems appropriate to moi. Of course the post wouldn’t have to be connected to Belgian guy. But let me know if you’re interested.
      K byyyeee

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      1. Totally. I am hoping by that time I’m in Abu Dhabi. Maybe I would have a better inspiration then! But sure, I would love to do it!

        But maybe you’ll have to remind me if I forget. Thanks for asking. You’re adorable really!

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        1. Wonderful! I will definitely remind you a LOT 😀 (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)
          p.s. I may be adorable, but you’re the bees knees 😉

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      1. Honestly, I live in a suitcase 😀 I live 8 months of the year in USA (for college) and the remaining four divided up between Oman and India. So basically, in a suitcase.

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  3. I love the Glambert outfit..will totally look good on you and you will most definitely steal the show..I completely agree with you on spending too much on an expensive saree and not being able to wear it again but on the brighter side you could repurpose it and convery it into a salwar kurta or gift it to someone down the line..All said and done methinks you should wear a saree..


    1. I hate to disappoint you but I couldn’t get the ready made saree aywhere. They were either a really eye-hurting bright color or too shimmy shimmy. Ugh! I have never worn a saree. Wanted to wear one but..!


    2. I hate to disappoint you but I couldn’t get the ready made saree aywhere. They were either a really eye-hurting bright color or too shimmy shimmy. Ugh! I have never worn a saree. Wanted to wear one but..!


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