Congratulation, Taliban!

This post is written not to mourn the children who have been killed in the Peshawar attacks. It is to congratulate the Taliban.

It was only when I was purchasing some mints from the departmental store at the hotel that I heard about the Peshawar attacks. Apparently, a couple of self-proclaimed self righteous suicide bomber had creeped into a school and blew himself up. But not alone, along with about 130 students.

The pictures of the innocent, recently deceased students are on Facebook. One of them was not older than ten years old. Some were teenage students and others were staff members. The principle got shot trying to save one of the children.

Unlike the time they attacked Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport, the Taliban didn’t tweet as to why they have committed this act. I fail to understand the mindset of these Taliban. They claim to follow Islam and it’s teaching and to make us all who have become “deviant” come back to the “righteous path”. Are they talking about the same religion I was raised in? Because I remember our Islamiyaat teacher saying, “Even in times of war, the Prophet has ordered his followers to refrain from the killing of trees and natural vegetation, women and children.” I don’t understand how can the Taliban ever justify hurting humans, let alone killing children. Innocent, innocent children who went to school to give their Chemistry exam. Why them? Or for that matter, any children at all? Why? Why? Why?

It pains me. It physically pains me. I can’t even begin to imagine the state of their parents, having to dig up their children’s grave. I can’t even imagine.

Are they trying to create terror and spreading fear amongst the civilians? Because they have definitely succeeded. Where other children dream of becoming scientists and doctors, our children are lucky to just be alive. It breaks my heart to see the death toll rise every time I switch on the T.V. It breaks my heart to see my country in this state.

Killing humans is a very low, barbaric thing to do. But killing children is just inhuman, crude and vulgar.

Congratulations, Taliban. You have succeeded in your mission.


Zareen Naqv

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