The Fault In Our Trends

Reading Just Joolzac’s post the other day made me think of how day by day we are becoming more stuupid. Anything that generates even a slight buzz in the social media, catches our attention, irrespective of how stuupid the trend is. Stuupid trends gotta go. You can still follow them if you want. Just don’t blame your children later on if they don’t look up to  you.

1. Selfies

In all honesty, everything the world was a happier place before Selfies were invented. Everyone used to take a picture of themselves and not post it on every social media site known to man. Because that’s how it should be. The minute this Selfie bomb was invented, everyone went crazy. And with the invention of workselfie, eidselfie, homeselfie, broselfie and all the other elfies, it has gone a bit too far.

2. Selfies with mirrors in the back

Or with IPads. Or with any photo taking device. At least if you have to take one, do it properly.

3. Overuse of hashtags

We are under the false belief that everything that is tweeted on twitter must be accompanied by at least seven, useless hashtags. News Flash: That’s dumb. You are supposed to choose from the hashtags that are trending, not the ones you made up. You can’t just put hashtags about whatever you’re feeling. #dumbtrends #peoplearejustsofuckingstupid #hashtagsarelame

4. Using hashtags on Facebook

Twitter is for hash tags. Facebook is not. Using hash tags on Facebook makes you look like an ASSHOLE. Capisce?

5. Cutting yourself for Beiber

Really? For this guy?

6. 300$ Headphones

I don’t even know how this even became a trend. 300$ for  headphones? Why the fuck?

7. Foodstagram

Because everyone is absolutely dying to know what you’re having for lunch/dinner/breakfast so they can imagine the color of your poop later on.

8. Keep Calm Memes

They were cool at first but now they have just lost their charm.

9. Twerking Videos

Miley, I hope you know I blame you for them.

10. Over using GIFs.


What social media trends annoy you? How many of these are you actually guilty off? Come on, I won’t judge. We’re all sinners here!

Zareen Naqvi

12 thoughts on “The Fault In Our Trends

  1. Allothem…and specially this selfie one people are so obssessed with their stupid selfies they change their dp 4 to 5 times in a day…I mean how the hell you are so free…dont you hav work or a life…and this hash tag thing happened with me yesterday…one of my class mate used hash tag on facebook…loved it Zareen…r u on twitter baby

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yes it would be really hard for me to imagine any of my friend’s liking twerking. I hate it, i think sometimes i even cringe at this word!


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