Blog Tember Challenge: Day Twelve

September 28th: What were your highs and lows for the month?

I used to think my life is just a set of lows. Really, lows without any highs at all.

It took me the last few months to realize that it’s about to go further downhill.

But still looking at the non-existent, silver lining, everyone has problems and mine are not the end of the world. I haven’t been deprived of a roof or food.


Also, the lows that happen make for the best, greatest comedy posts. Is this what silver lining means?

Lows for this month:

1. Realizing that educational institutions are not built to give education, at all.

In fact, every time you go to a university as good as mine, you’ll see an extra miscellaneous charge slapped in your fee bill. That miscellaneous charge that is so miscellaneous that even the ones who have charge you for it can’t remember what is it for. But you gotta pay. Universities these days are money hogging institutions. Feel free to disagree with me.

2. Monthly staff function

Every month, L’hotel hosts a monthly staff function where the GM gives an inspiring speech with a presentation and distributes certificates and awards. The certificates are given based on the number of tests you pass. I passed 8 tests in ONE month. Higher than anyone in my department, higher than anyone in the damn hotel. I waited so long for this function I even postponed my day off. And I never do that.

All I wanted was for the GM to hand me the certificates.

And what did we get after an hour long speech on world history? Nothing. The certificates hadn’t been printed yet.

I went home to bury my face in a tub of ice cream.

3. My Nan is going to be visiting us

And staying for two months.

Where will she sleep?“, I asked my mom when she delivered the news.

In your room. Where else?

Where will I sleep?

On the mattress?


I can’t imagine how fun it’s going to be. You’ll have to stay tuned for the Nan posts.

My tweet after two weeks of mum and nan:


4. Losing Derek

I had known this Derek guy for more than two years. We met online and clicked. We talked on and off about life, love and everything there is. Until one day, he just disappeared. Out of  my Facebook, out of my life. I don’t know his last name so I can’t search for him. Also his name is actually Dirk.

Dirk, if you’re hearing, I miss you.

Now for the higggghhhsss:

1. Starting university


It took endless trips to the university, numerous fights with the bitchy receptionist and the ruder than fuck staff but everything is resolved now. I hope so.

Nothing beats the feeling of sitting in a class and learning.

Even if the class is highly un maintained. Or even when you’re surrounded by the lamest of the lamest students. Life is still better.

2. Gifts

Because he’s not going to be here for my birthday or Eid or any important event for the next two years, Yasir sent me gifts to make up for it: 9 branded t-shirts.

And a sweater from my favorite brand, Mango. It’s plain and simple, yet sexy.


3. Mom’s reception

Which I will be referring to as “The Reception” in future posts. I am actually excited for The Reception to take place. Can’t wait till StepDad starts living with us.

Nan’s irrational rants+ mom’s naive personality + StepDad = CHAOS.

Can’t wait till the shit hits the fan and until I say…


What are your highs and lows for the month? How much do you hate universities? Am I sadist for trying to ruin my moms wedding?


11 thoughts on “Blog Tember Challenge: Day Twelve

    1. Initially I thought I won’t meet like minded people. But I have met this guy who’s a bit like me. Others are of the idea that we think of ourselves better than other because we speak in English. I mean what the hell! But yeah it’s better than work at other levels 🙂


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