Blog Tember Challlenge: Day Eleven

Sept 26th: How have you changed in the past year?

This is one of the serious prompts.

I have changed quite a bit and so far, I’m pleased with the changes since they are all positive and I have stopped being the cold witch that people think I am.

Well, not really.

I’m working on it.

I don’t understand why people don’t like me being sarcastic or slightly bitchy at times. If anything I thought they made me more charming.

But anyway, yes I have changed and learnt that:

1. I can’t really live without Nachos.

2. Anger/rudeness isn’t probably the best way of getting things done.

I have cut down on anger and when somebody does piss me off, I tend to take the higher road by walking away.

Then taking revenge later.


3. It’s time to stand up for myself

I had always been the sweet, young girl at work who never said no to anyone and did every thing that was asked of her. I needed to stop being that girl because it was killing me.


4. I needed to love me more

I was growing thinner, not having my required nutrients and taking on more work. I finally hit a point where I realised I couldn’t do it anymore. It was time to let go of other priorities and priorities myself.


5. I was wrong and House is a fucking genius

I completely underestimated him and the show. It’s my favourite addiction now. How can one person be so fucking talented?


6. Coffee is my life saver

Mom wanted me to swear off chai. Because it’s unhealthy and has too much caffeine in it.

Instead, I have switched to coffee. Also not healthy and has too much caffeine in it.

But everyone’s happy that I gave up chai.

People are weird.


Do you think you have changed in the past year? What have you learned? How do you feel about change?

7 thoughts on “Blog Tember Challlenge: Day Eleven

        1. Oops! Yeah, it’s Mexican!
          I love that you actually like another cuisine that’s not your native one. I’m not suggesting or anything but a lot of English people I have met enjoy Pakistani food too. Maybe ‘coz it’s spicy?


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