Blog Tember Challenge: Day Nine

Sept 23rd: A guide to your city! Share some of the hot-spots and hidden gems of where you live.

Hearing Pakistan’s name and specially Karachi’s name on the news, makes you think of only negative thoughts. Call it bad luck or fate but sadly my beloved country’s and Karachi’s name is interlinked with the words “Terrorists“, “chaos” and “unsafe“. It’s a pity because it’s so much more.

Let me assure you, it’s not as bad as you think it is. We are also considerably likeable people, willing to woe you with our hospitality.

Although, Lahore is known for the traditional food, Karachi has some great food outlets.

When Yasir was still here, we used to go to Studio Cafe at least one a month. That was our spot.
Not only was the ambiance cozy and decent, the quality of the food was amazing. Although, I may not be the perfect judge as I only ever ordered steaks. Couldn’t decide whether I was loyal to their steak with French Onion Sauce or the Italiano steak, but oh well.



Le Grand is one of the many restaurants on Zamzama street. It attracted me for the very obvious reason that it had a French name. And doesn’t it even look a bit French?

The interior is designed by a genius. It’s a bit dark, even at the day time, but the windows, the way the walls are covered with pictures of famous celebrities and footballers, the spiral stairs, the smoke from the hookah- makes it a very popular place among teens and Tweens (whatever that is).The food is okay, nothing to write home about. But it’s the perfect venue for a night out with buddies or for screening of football matches.

Next up is Port Grand. It’s too far from my home- where the port is. It’s a family place, but not to say that couples can’t enjoy it aswell.


Occasionally there’s a magic show going on every weekend. So it’s a great place for kids as well. And then ofcourse, the water rides. The restaurants are satisfactory, serving mostly Pakistani cuisine. I can get Pakistani cuisine at home for free so I’m not really a fan.

My happy place is the one place I would recommend you go to. It’s the McDonald’s by the sea. Maybe you wouldn’t like it that much, but I have such great memories of the place. Personally, I hate McDonald’s. Specially their “happy meal” which doesn’t make you happy at all and leaves you wanting for more. That being said, I love the seating arrangement of this particular McDonald’s by the sea. There’s also a nice park right next to it, with green grass and a small hill.


When you come to Karachi, everyone would tell you to go to Dolmen mall-hyperstar. And you should, since it’s Karachi’s biggest mall with shops that sell branded items. Next, Charles & Keith, Levi’ name it. But you should also go to Zainab market, a local place where you can get good traditional stuff for half the price.

Not to mention, an amazing deal on khusaas.


Ideally I would want more restaurants to promote our culture. Selling Pakistani dishes isn’t being traditional. They can serve continental food and still be promoting their roots. Par exemple, you have Starbucks and we have Sattarbucks.


We have coffee at Sattar Buksh I’m sure, but you can get chai as well in a traditional way. I love that. If only more people would think on these routes.

Your turn. Tell me what makes your city so unique. Introduce famous places from your city or hot tourists spots. Pictures would be appreciated!


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