Liebster Award!

And just when I was wondering when the award season is going to come..I got nominated for the Liebster Award.


By not one but TWO of my lovely blogger friends: The ever so sweet Britney and the wonderful Mishali. Thank you so much to both of you 🙂

The rules are as always:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Put the Liebster Award Badge on your blog

3. Tell us 11 random facts about yourself

4. Nominate 5 other blogs

5. Make questions for them!

Here’s the award badge I want y’all to flaunt on your blogs:

If you have read my previous Awards entry, you already know random facts about me. Oh, but what the hell?

1. I can’t hold rabbits. Or cats. They’re too squishy.

2. I like guys whose name start with “J”

3. I sometimes have crushes on actresses.

4. I adore Ryan Gosling.

5. I love nachos. I can’t get enough of them.

6. I can’t drink plain milk. It makes me gag. There has to be something in it, like maybe Hershey’s.

7. Also, I hate strawberry ice cream.

8. My favorite desert is a really good Banana Split without nuts but with crunch and chocolate and blueberry syrup.

She can do that and STILL look pretty. NOT ME.

9. I am picture shy. I don’t like making funny faces and then posing for selfies.

10. I make fun of people who say stuff like “Girlywurly, bestiiesss” etc and who use a lot of xxxxxs and ooooos in EVERY MESSAGE. Like, please!

*Sigh* That was pretty random.

My nominations:

Todd– I love everything he writes. He’s very talented, mashallah!

Brie– Love this girl! She’s fun and witty. Can also parlez en francais!

Minnie– I love how creative her blog is. Besides being a writer, she can take some excellent pictures.

Atiba– I have only recently met her but I love her to bits. She’s so cute and sweet!

Hug x heart– We have met only recently and I have grown quite fond of her. Love her blog, love the theme she’s using. Also, she’s from Sweden, my favorite place in the world.

Bill Carson– He’s awesome. I can’t describe his posts because they are like just too good. Please read the one about Maroon5’s song called Maps and you’ll laugh your asses off.

The Musclehead blog– Because his pictures are FANTASTIC!

Nishi– Very elegant, sweet Indian lady who I have grown very fond of. She’s beautiful inside out and writes about and on various topics.

Feminism Through Cinema and Literature Great, informative blog. A must read for all the girls out there!

Mishali’s questions:

1: What is your favourite TV show?

House M. D. And Masterchef Australia when I’m feeling hungry.

2: What is your worst addiction?

I would say…coke?

3: Where would you go if you could travel to anywhere in the world?

Sweden. No, wait, France. No, FINLAND. No, wait..

4: What makes your truly happy?

Blogging. Making friends. Meeting new people. And sometimes, being with myself.

5: If the world got attacked by Zombies what would be your survival plan?

I would join em!

6: Who is your inspiration and why?

Currently, my General Manager. He’s everything I want to be when I’m a GM. He’s a great man, very just, who knows his work and is excellent at customer relations.

7: What could you eat every single day?

Nachos. Haha.

8: What’s the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Tough one. Thailand. It taught me things I will always be grateful for.

9: Who would you want to swap lives with for 24 hours?

Jared Leto.

10: If you could be any character from any disney film who would you be?

Anastasia! She’s my favorite!

11: Are you hungry right now?

Not really…

Britney’s questions:

1. what are some of your favorite movies?

I love my Best Friend’s Girl. And the Hangover series. Gotta love Bradley.

2. what is one of your favorite quotes?

“Dream big while you’re asleep and even bigger when you’re awake”- Jared Leto

3. if you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would learn how to surf.

4. if you had to change you first name, what would you change it to?

Renee is nice. Or some french name. Like Marion.

5. what are three pet peeves of yours?

Being late. People who are lazy at work. Dirty nails, hands and feet.

6. what is your favorite joke?

It’s a bad one..;)

7. what are three of your guilty pleasures?

Being in a tub of chocolate with Ryan Gosling. Hahaha. It’s better I stop at this.

8. if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

I would spend time with my loved ones. Actually, no I would have a huge farewell party.

9. what is your favorite physical features about yourself.

My eyes are better than the rest of my features.

10. why are you so awesome?

Because I just am.

Okay, I won’t keep you for long, here are my questions:

1. Name one person you can’t live without.

2. What is your dream job?

3. Describe your ideal destination.

4. Best part of your life is…

5. Favorite accessory that you can’t leave the home without.

6. You hate people who…

7. Worst pick up line ever is..

8. Name the car you want to drive.

9. Name one person who has had significant impact on your life.

Voila! And we’re done for now.

Thank you to anyone who has read this far. Really, you are very patient.


13 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. ‘I got nominated AGAIN?’ I totally understand that feeling 😉 Thanks girl! I’m so excited to get to work on these questions…I also like checking out the other blogs you recommend.


  2. Hi and thanks again for nominating me! I finally finished my post for the awards. Anyways, I agree with you regarding points 6, 9 & 10.. I need at least sugar in milk, if nothing else. I avoid taking selfies or at least don’t post them on social networks unless they are very good. I, along with my best friend (note I don’t say bestie!) always make fun of things like you mentioned – we call it the overly girly stuff! And yeah, I do hold cats but I hold them delicately because I’m scared I may compress and damage them!!!
    But enough of blabbering now, here’s the link to my post, and thereby the answers to all your questions!


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