Blog Tember Challenge: Day Seven

Sept 20th: Share a day in the life. Pictures, timelines, stats, however you like.

Aaah, this is by far my favourite post. I love adding pictures in my post. They bring colour and makes the post pop more.
So today I had to wake up at 8-freaking-am because I had to go to Bitches( my university is called Biztek but I can only manage to say bitchestek or bitches). At 8-freaking-am.

Even though I have paid those bastards the fees, my name doesn’t show up on their computer because of some “technical error”. Therefore, I am not enrolled, even though I have paid and everything. Every time I go there, I meet a new person and have to explain my story all over again like a crying, irritating old lady. They “can’t solve it” until I login to my student account and make a request. Well, maybe if they would have gotten their head outta their asses before, they would have told me this sooner and I wouldn’t have gone through the shit I did.

Anyway, so no pictures from the university.

Here I am. Off to work. Notice that I have developed from a sleepy, frizzy haired yeti to a normal looking human.

At work. About to tie my hair in a bun. Ah!


And then..


Inspecting a deluxe room at work and doing other work related things that I couldn’t take pictures off.


I also met Tony Buzan, the mind mapping theory genius. Hmm I should get him to take a picture with me. The first time I saw him, he was wearing a pastel blue suit and pants, with a pale pink shirt it was almost white. His glasses were quirky and fun and his watch is this weird shaped deformed hourglass type and I stare at it every time we meet. He’s very polite and such a gentleman.


Finally off at eleven from work. My driver thinks he Mark Webber and hence tried desperately to turn his mini van into a sports car. Therefore, my being able to get a good picture.


My favourite part: now you see them..

And now you don’t. Yay! My feet can breathe at last:


Finally, finally. Home to my beloved..bed

And, then watching House, to unwind.

Lastly, off to bed. Quick selfie on bed! Good night fellas! I had a long day!


Make a post with pictures or make a timeline of how you spend your day! I’m waiting..


15 thoughts on “Blog Tember Challenge: Day Seven

  1. Uhg university…same problem I had last year. Just keep your chin up and keep your appetite for learning. Know when to laugh too. Things will brighten up for us. 🙂


    1. I guess universities all over the world are pretty much the same. It’s been sorted now, only because I actually WENT to take the class even though my name was not on the list.
      Thanks for the lovely advice. I’m going to be needing it!


    1. I’m actually surprised by such reactions. A lot of people actually like me without makeup. True friends :’)
      Yes, it’s old- built thirty years ago. Rooms are nice but the renovated ones are even nicer! I’ll share a picture some time.
      Thanks for reading. And for the compliments ❤


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