Blog Tember Challenge: Day Four

And keeping up with tradition, I have missed another post. *pats self on back*. See, I told you i can’t keep up.

Blog topic for today is…. Music that moves you. Are you a Spotify addict or a Pandora guru? Tell us your favorite artists/stations!

Don’t know if I can classify myself as a Pandora or a Spotify addict, but I’m definitely ga-ga for music.I wasn’t half as confident or outgoing when I was young as you all already know. Books and music CDs (yes, we had CDs back then) were pretty much a refuge for this lonely girl. Who was actually pretty content being all by herself, with her Walkman (yes, those were famous then too). The first CD I ever bought was of an Irish Boy Band called Westlife, because I thought the cover looked half decent. Also, I had just read an interview of them in a magazine, so it was like “Oh, I know them!”. Immediately, they became my favorite band. Probably because they were the first band I had ever listened to. Aah, the feeling of buying your very first CD 🙂

They didn’t write their own songs, they were boring and didn’t break into hip-hop dance moves, but I liked them because their music was soothing and Shane Filan (the lead singer) was an angel. And in a way, because of Westlife, I was always more influenced by European music and culture than American. Don’t hate me, I am a true European at heart.

I used to purchase these English music magazines from an old bookstore so I was more in  touch of the music scene in UK. You know, Mcfly, Busted etc. Oh you don’t? Shame. You’ve been missing out on some really nice stuff.

American Idol was also big here and I started watching it the season Blake Lewis lost to Jordan Sparks. Then I missed the next season because I was pissed at American Idol for letting Blake lose. And then I saw the next season, featuring the inspiration of my life; Adam Lambert.

They didn’t show his audition initially for God knows what reason, but the first time I heard him in the top 16 singing “I can get no satisfaction,” I knew he was destined for greatness. So let me tell you a secret: I kind of have this super power where I can tell if people are going to make it big or not. I saw Rihanna in SOS video, and I knew loved her right there and then. Also, I knew Paolo Nutini long before New Shoes got famous. So, yeah I’m gifted.

I like Katy Perry. I love her, her boobs and quirky sense of humor and weird fashion sense. She has got good vocals although she’s not as good live. Jessie J (See? The UK influence again) on the other hand can sing her face off live. Natasha Bedingfield, Nelly Furtado, a little bit of Britney and a little bit of Lady Gaga is something I enjoy. Oh and I love Neon Hitch as well. That girl has some crazy vocals. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I can’t help the English influence.

As for the boys..the list goes on. There are two bands that I like to this day: Maroon5 (mostly because of Adam Levine) and Boys Like Girls. Individual artists include: Justin Timberlake, Paolo Nutini, Mike Posner, Pharell Williams, Ryan Tedder, Bruno Mars, 30 seconds to mars…the list goes on.

There isn’t a type of music that I specifically like. I listen to every genre and whatever clicks, clicks. I’m open to anything that sounds good to the ears and promises not to burst my ear drums. I’m a big fan of anyone trying to do things differently. Like this band that I mentioned in my previous post, StudioNomade. These French duo is a great combination of vocals and instruments. They were invited to Pakistan for the project LALALA. Lalala is music project that initially started in China. It’s about the Pakistani students of Alliance Francaise writing lyrics and making and singing songs with the help of StudioNomade. Not only did StudioNomade work out the sound and rhythm of the songs, they have tried to add Pakistani instruments such as the sitar into the songs so as to express Pakistani culture. I truly admire that. One of the songs on the album is ZigZag. And there’s a video of StudioNomade doing a cover of Pharell’s Get Lucky on my previous post in case you want to hear them.

For the stations, I’m going to go with Tunein. Ever since I have bought an iPhone, downloading music is a pain in the ass. To avoid it I have downloaded Tunein that lets me listen to great music without having to go to iTunes and blah blah. I mean, really, this is where Apple went wrong. Speaking of stations, SoundCloud is pretty good too.

My favorite music quote

So there you are. I have officially admitted to being a junkie. Of music. All the same. What’s your addiction? Do you love music as much as I do? What was the first band you had ever listened to? Is there any European out there like me?

10 thoughts on “Blog Tember Challenge: Day Four

  1. I have an older sibling and listened to Westlife lots as a kid as well! I remember spending many evening listening to Boyzone and Blue and of course, the Backstreetboys. Going to go listen StudioNomade now. I really like the PaperKites and Boy. Maybe you’ll like them too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really? That’s great. Where do you live? Yes, I listened to Blue and Boyzone too 🙂
      Let’s see, I’m gonna check them out. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


  2. Oh gosh Zareen we have the same first-bought CD! I was like 11 or 12 years old at that time, had to beg my mum for money reward for doing good in class and saved up for a few months before getting it. This is definitely one of Westlife’s best CDs, even the lesser-known tracks like Close and Soledad are beautiful. And What Makes a Man… it was the very last song in their farewell concert… “This isn’t goodbye”, but it was a goodbye. 😦


    1. How’s that possible?! This is crazy 😀

      Yeah I know what you mean. I always listen to all the songs on the album and there are some that are really good but most of them are like almost unknown. I loved Somebody Needs You too. Soledad was a great song as well.

      Who’s your favourite? From the band?


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