Blog Tember Challenge: Day Two

The Blog Tember (mmm, I just love saying it) challenge topic for today is: Pick a fashion trend you love and one you hate. Win us over!

Since I’m from Pakistan and am a very traditional Pakistani girl who doesn’t uses abusive words like FUCK at all, I will also be talking about Pakistani fashion trends. Our national suit as Pakistanis and Muslim women is shalwar kameez. This is how originally it looked like. You know, when people couldn’t care less how they were dressed.
Okay, so even this is also pretty advanced; they weren’t always that colorful. So as is the way of all the things in the world, fashion trends change. And mostly for the better.

Except when Patiala shalwars were introduced.


I. Hate. Them. They. Suck. Ass.

I wouldn’t wear one if I was paid. And this trend, stupid fucking trend of wearing extremely short shirts over these Patiala shalwars went on for so long I thought we were having a very serious fashion crisis. I mean, look at them!


For one, they are extremely hard to iron. You know what’s the worst chore in the world? Ironing a Patiala shalwar. You have to loosen the elastic to iron it to remove the creases and once you do that the Patiala shalwar isn’t gonna look the same as it originally did. I mean, the creases is all there is to it right? Look at it again and tell me why they shouldn’t be banned.


I’m far more happier in my jeans, thank you very much. Thank lord for Levi’s.

Now for the trend I am loving..blazers. I can’t get enough of them. Actually, I only own ONE but if I could buy more I would buy them ALL.

There are so many to choose from. You can wear them bright and neon-y..

Or in a light nude color..

Team them up with some tight black leather jeans….

Or wear them with a petite skirt

Personally, I love the Mango collection. They have the best blazers. The price of blazers at Mango isn’t exactly cheap, but ladies, it’s worth every penny. From the buttons to the actual texture of the blazer, you won’t be disappointed.


Once you put it on, specially that gorgeous blue blazer with gold coloured buttons, you will become Kate Moss.

They are pretty much wearable in all seasons. I mean, I live in Karachi and it gets 45 degree Celsius here and even a non-fashionista like me owns a blazer from NEXT.

You can ALSO wear them in beautiful, coloured prints!

Whether you wear them to a formal meeting or a brunch with your friends, you will always look chic and stylish. Personally, I think they are ideal with big statement necklaces (Here’s a picture of Shay Mirza I just googled)


So guys, what do you think? Do I have a fashion blogger inside of me? You think I can be one? What trends are you loving or hating? I wanna hear y’all!



2 thoughts on “Blog Tember Challenge: Day Two

  1. I’m not sure you should focus only on fashion because there are so many other topics that I’d love to read from you. But I do think that I agree completely with your fashion hate and love. Now I want to buy a blazer! I want to be Kate moss! Lol You will the see the fashions I love today! Sometime…lol

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