And also, what if people are just pouring warm water over there heads?

This is going to be a very quick, apology post.

Sort of.

This post is triggered by a comment from a Hugxheart, who I admire for speaking out to something she thought is wrong. Check out her blog, she seems like and is a very sweet person and I’m sure she meant well when she left on my post “Ice Bucket Challenge VS Smile Pakistan Challenge“.

I guess her comment made me realize that I was wrong to just write my heart out without actually bothering to look up what this challenge is about. That’s ignorance on my part and I take full blame for it.

After doing a good amount of research on this challenge, I realized that what I had said about the act being stupid the first time..was right.

           Now, hold your fire, people. Don’t shoot, just yet.

I said the act of pouring freezing water over one self seems like a waste of time to me. I was right about that and I stand by it. What I didn’t know was that this seemingly stupid challenge is actually a way of spreading awareness of a horrible disease called ALS. People all over the world are doing it -except for Obama, who chose to donate instead.

Yes, that’s a rule too. You can donate, if you like. And that’s exactly my point.

People could have just donated. I think it would have helped the cause more than seeing videos of people in wet tees. Moreover, so much hype was created regarding the Ice Bucket Challenge that it seemed like this is only what it was. The real motive behind it was overshadowed because people were more concerned about doing the challenge than mentioning in the video to donate instead, if they can.

And then there’s also this:

Even my fellow blogger, Hugxheart pointed it out that it would be more useful if they could just donate, no matter what the amount is. I couldn’t agree more. So I’m sorry for not realizing the real reason behind this challenge.

If you’re doing the challenge, with the aim of spreading awareness, good. If you’re donating, even better.

Again, I’d like to mention how young Pakistanis are already doing productive acts instead rather than the Ice Bucket Challenge. You can view videos by typing “#SmilePakistanChallenge” on your Twitter. Please do check it out and spread the word.

And again, I didn’t intend to hurt or call out anyone.

P.S Everyone better accept my apology since this is the best I can do.


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14 thoughts on “And also, what if people are just pouring warm water over there heads?

  1. Your initial post got me laughing. I admit. And I did the Ice bucket challenge myself and donated. Still, one can always point things out and I’ve heard and read it all… “That disease is rare, why so much attention” or even better “too much hype and nobody knows what the money will be used for” or also “why not just donate”. Unfortunately we live in modern days. Most people have an attention span of 10 seconds if you’re not able to capture it in some special way. Is pouring water over one’s head stupid? Yes. Was it effective in raising more than $70M to support a really nasty disease. Yes. So I hope someone else has another good marketing idea to capture people’s attention for Alzheimer, hunger in Africa, Ébola, and yes, even the Smile Pakistan challenge 🙂


    1. Hey André! Thanks for reading both posts!

      I totally agree with you. I really do. You’re very right in saying so. And yes I hope we can help spread awareness about most diseases by using good marketing ideas.

      I personally think it’s great that you donated and did the challenge as well. bravo!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done for clearing things up, Zareen! This take courage and respect. I haven’t really got an opinion on the ice bucket challenge. I think the reason people are doing it, is to spread the word…which it has done, effectively…I mean, this ice bucket challenge is fricken everywhere! But, like you say, it’s all for a good cause. Warm water or ice water, it’s spreading the word, and this is the most important thing. Would I do the ice bucket challenge? HECK no! I’ll just donate, thanks. 🙂


    1. Thank you *hugs* I feel so much better now.

      Yeah I get what people are saying, I have to admit it’s a very good way of spreading the word about something. Very good marketing move!

      Thanks for commenting! I don’t think I would do the challenge either haha!


  3. Wow Zareen, I just read this post! First of all like someone else said don’t be so hard on yourself, you wrote what you felt and it’s nothing wrong with that but I have to say that I’m really impressed that you were brave to admit if your formulated things fuzzy. It takes a lot of courage! I’m also thankful for the sweet words and I really like you and your blog! May you get lots of success with your blog ❤ Love Nad


    1. I know but still. It felt right to write such a post. Thank you so much! Awww you really are too kind. I like yours too!
      Keep in touch and thanks for the nomination I’ll go check it out.


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