First Guest Blog: Photos before Facebook

After being asked by a few to guest blog, I eventually realized that a time will come when I’ll have to ask someone to do the same.

The time has come.

I couldn’t be happier that my very first guest blogger is none other than A Reflective Student’s Leona! Like her namesake Leona Lewis, she’s from Britain and is currently studying Theology and Religion at the Sheffield university. Her blog is inspired by her student life and how generally student’s deal with life. She writes helpful posts for students that are derived from her student life experience, some of which include Eight things to consider when you’re picking your university and Eleven tips for first years

For the guest blog, she has decided to change her niche a bit and write about her thoughts on future and changes brought with time. So without further ado, here’s a short and sweet reflection from a reflective student!


A few days back my parents bought out the photo albums and I couldn’t believe how much fun I had flicking through all these childhood photo of me and my brother. My parents even had a few photos of their own. And it was just incredible looking at my parents during their school days.

But then it occurred to me. This won’t be a thing in the future. As in photo albums and what not.

It’s so funny because most of my personal photos simply exist on this laptop in front of me; on Facebook and on my social media. And that’s just the norm. When people in my future ask about my past, I’d have to reply with a: “hold on, let me just enter my password so I can show you”. It’s rather an amusing thought to be honest. What’s even more hilarious is that people are now buying Polaroid cameras and disposable cameras (that provide you with physical photos)…to simply upload on to social media…and share with others on the internet.

What if something was to happen to Facebook?! Then was happens?! Too many of our memories and time spent with others are held on this weird platform. The thing is, I’ll still continue to use Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to upload and share my life on there because that’s what we’re all used to; it’s certainly what I’m used to.

I spoke to my mother about this malarkey and even she was confused as to why it bothered me so much: “Why are you buying photo prints; don’t you have it all on Facebook?”

Hmm. Maybe I’m just old beyond my years.

Leona, thank you so much for this. Thank you for choosing my blog for your first guest post. If you liked this post or are a student who needs help, scoot over to her blog and you’re bound to find something interesting and productive! And follow her on twitter- @leonawoyele

If anyone else would be interested to guest post for moi, I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Oh and I have a small something I’m working on- you can find it on my blog under Beyond Hotel Sheets. It’s fictional account of a girl named Renée who’s life revolves around the hotel she works in. If you’re interested, read on at Hi, my name is Renee


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