Just because everyone’s doing it on Facebook

My news feed is filled with Gaza related statuses and most of my native buddies have replaced their pouty-faced profile pictures with others that show support for Gaza. These trends, these freaking trends. They always start as being okay at first, but sooner or later turn into leeches that suck my blood whenever I see them.This is definitely the sooner case.

Since it is the hot new topic these days, I decided to get my facts right. From what I have read, the situation arose over hurdles, similar to the ones Pakistan faced, immediately after gaining independence from India. Like rights to water resources, just like we had to face, since a part of the river was in India. There is dispute over border territory, just like ours. They fight over Jerusalem. We fight over Kashmir. It’s all pretty much the same with the only difference being we haven’t gone to war with India. Yet.

I think whatever is going on in Gaza is brutal, devastating and makes me question existence of humanity. What is even more remarkable, is the Pakistani reaction to it. I hear people express their sorrow over this grave matter..through their social media sites. That’s it. The sympathy ends there. Then they Like and LOL their way through the rest of the news feed.

Okay, fine. I don’t expect my friends in Pakistan to actually cry or go on huger strike because twenty thousand miles away their brothers are dying. It’s impossible, specially in this era. But to hear them ( or their statuses) pray for Gaza while they have never expressed a single cry for what’s going on in Pakistan, drives me nuts. People die every day in Pakistan and there are numerous causes: bomb blats, target killing, robbery, poverty and the list goes on. If you’re not sympathetic towards your own homeland, chances are you are as fake as your sympathy-status.

And trends, I would really like to discuss that. Why is there a need to express every social or otherwise change through Facebook? Instead of actually doing something about it? Some of us are trying to show support for Gaza through their statuses but I know many who are just doing it because everyone is. They don’t want to be labelled “cold” or “not humane” do they? While millions of humans are being brutally killed in Gaza, you change your profile pictures and upload emotional statuses about the cause.


Next time you get kidnapped, I’ll just change my profile picture that says “kidnapping is the worst” and put up an emotional status of how much I miss you.

In today’s world, change means coming up with new hashtags and statuses or pictures on face book wall. But I wouldn’t expect them to do anything more. They see crime everyday in their own homeland but refuse to do/say anything about it. Hell, I think they have gotten immune to it by now. They tell me Pakistan is hopeless. They say it’s crumbling into pieces and it’s this way because of it’s people. But who are these people exactly? Me and them, no?

I am not against the idea of using social media to express support. It’s is increasingly being used to show opinions regarding everything( and it should be this way- Facebook urges you to say What’s on your mind?). But I think you can’t be ignorant of your country’s situation and be so considerate of an other.

You’re either a humanitarian. Or you’re not. Period.

What social trends bug you? Do you know people who post things on Face book just because everyone’s doing it? Am I being neurotic?

2 thoughts on “Just because everyone’s doing it on Facebook

  1. You’re not being neurotic at all. I see this all the time. I live in the States near, but not in some of the more violent countries (Latin America is in a bit of a crisis as far as that goes). It bothers me to see things in the news and in social media–casually–and then in every day life it seems not much is actually getting done to address things.

    The social trends that bug me…oh la la…so many…I would have to pick a favorite. I can’t stand when people gripe about being single and focus their *entire* energies on finding a mate. It’s so unromantic and obsessive.

    Now onto the last thing, Facebook. I see people post a lot of religious and political stuff and it isn’t coming from people who are very religious or political….they just sort of follow trends in thought or cling onto popular ideas. Everyone isn’t this way but it’s so awkwardly obvious who is.

    I’m so glad you wrote this because your honesty is so powerful.


    1. Oh glad to hear someone feels the way I do. Even though you are a million miles apart!
      I think it’s just that there’s too much violence now and we have kind of accepted it or started accepting it as if it’s the natural way of life. You know like where there will be land, there will be a fight? It’s just wrong.
      Oh those Facebook attention seekers are the worst. Seriously, why would someone be so desperate about finding true love and then willing to display it publicly?
      Thanks for reading though. It was just something that had been bugging me for a few days and the pretentiousness was just killing me really.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you love!

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