Does Katy have no soul?

I have been a fan of Katy Perry since “I kissed a girl“. No, it wasn’t because I had fantasies of my own to kiss a female (or did I?) but I have always liked people who are bold and are not afraid to speak their minds (dirty or otherwise). I have been a fan ever since.

Teenage dream was my favorite album of hers. The songs were up tempo and fun. The album had some major hits like Fireworks, Teenage Dream and California Girls. Even the slow ones, like Pearl, in which Katy encourages a woman to escape from the stifled relationship she is in, made an impression on me.

Teenage dream was good until Prism came out. Not only were the songs catchy, but they got famous quickly because of the surrounding controversy. It is believed that Katy Perry has sold her soul to the devil because the songs represent Illuminati culture.

First of, the title is very Illuminati-ish. It reads “Prism“, fitted in the shape of a prism. Second, the video of her songs, particularly Dark horse shows imagery that links back to the Illuminati.

The eye of Horus: This dates back to the Egyptian God called Horus whose eyes were said to be the moon and the sun. He did afterwards became associated with the sun (Ra) only, which is why it’s also known as Eye of Ra. In Katy’s video, she is shown holding an eye of Horus fan. In another shot, at the end of the wig she’s wearing, you can see small Eye of Horus symbols. The eye of Horus symbolizes protection, life and sacrifice.

Pay close attention to the lyrics, and you’ll hear rapper Juicy say “she’s a Beast”. Beast, as most of us know, is used to represent Satan. Either that or he was just calling her a Beast for fun.

Another lyric reads “She’ll eat your heart out like Jeffery Dahmer“. For those of you who don’t know him, he was a serial killer who used to eat flesh of his victims. Sometimes he would store the bodies in the fridge so he could feast on them later. Jeffery Dahmer was a psycho serial killer. Jeffery Dahmer was also a follower of Satan.

Before the release of this album, Katy mentioned that she was “still in a dark place” and this album was meant to be darker than Wide Awake. By the dark place was she referring to her divorce with husband Russell Brand or did it have a deeper meaning?

In her video of Unconditionally, another track from Prism, an owl is seen. This is no ordinary owl, it’s so big it’s actually scary. It’s a Eurasian-eagle owl and it maybe linked to the Greek God Athena, who used to appear in the guise of an owl sometimes. She represent wisdom and war.
It is said that Katy Perry admitted in an interview, that she sold her soul to the devil, after not gaining success as a Christian gospel singer. I have yet to find this interview and personally I do wonder why I had never heard of this before people started accusing her of being a slave to the Illuminati.

Currently, she’s being sued for her hit single Dark Horse by rapper Flame who claims that she “ripped off their track Joyful Noise”. They also said that she ruined the actual message of the song with “images of witchcraft and black magic”.

I think w’all are reading a bit too much into this Dark Horse video. It was ONE video, after all. Even her performance at the Grammy’s didn’t get a favorable response. Tbh, it did seem like she was practicing some sort of ritual. But did it ever occur to anyone that there’s a vast difference in adopting an Illuminati theme than being a follower of the Devil?

I’m not going to deny that the video represents or seems like it represents Illuminati culture and everything. But I am still not entirely convinced that she has sold her soul. How can we be so sure she has? And for what? Few years of fame? Personally, it’s a very poor choice. But I’m saying this, sitting at home and not having the faintest idea of how hard it is to be in the spotlight all the time. I think she was doing fantastic with Teenage Dream and even the songs from Wide Awake were not bad, if a bit dark. If she’s talented enough, does she still need the support of Illuminati to make her big? And I’m not only talking about her. There are others. Why is it that so many rock stars have chosen this path? Is fame really worth this sacrifice?

It is astonishing the things people do for fame. It’s disappointing how people and their morals are overtaken by greed and fame every day.


8 thoughts on “Does Katy have no soul?

  1. Wow, pretty awesome analysis. I’m not too familiar with Illuminati but I just didn’t like the sound of Prism so I refused to listen to it. Teenage Dream was much much better, really sweet 🙂


  2. I am a closet Katy Perry fan…of course, I wouldn’t admit this to anyone else. The new album isn’t great (from what I’ve heard of it!).

    Celebrities seem to go this way…anything that keeps them in the centre of the media’s eye! Selling a soul…a little extreme I think! Haha.


    1. I think why most people didn’t like it was because it’s so different from Teenage Dream. Sometimes labels stick to people and others expect them to keep making the same kind of music. But these singers have to live no?
      It’s just surprising the lengths people would go to for fame! I shouldn’t say anything since I have no idea what fame and popularity is like but still!


      1. It’s true. Celebrities have to ‘grow up’ at some point. I think Miley Cyrus gets a lot of stick, too! Everyone expected her to stay ‘Hannah Montana’ and all innocent. Look at her now! Geez!

        I don’t think I would like to be famous. It must be so difficult to lead a normal life, without being judged or ridiculed! Popularity is over-rated! I expect these big Celebs would do anything for a bit of privacy!


        1. Oh my god! Miley Cyrus is just. She tried to make that Hannah Montana image and she really did after the performance with Robin Thicke. I don’t know why she thinks posting nude/half nude pictures is her would make everyone like her/more famous.
          Actually it Is making her famous.
          Yep I agree. I would rather live a quite private life than have my every move monitored by the media.


          1. That rather shocking performance with Robin Thicke, pretty much made her! Hannah Montana died that day. Many tears were wiped. Not mine, personally, I loathed that whole Hannah Montana image.

            Yes! It’s much better to lead a private existence. I would hate to be ‘papped’, especially in unflattering positions! I feel so sorry for the celebs with really awful pictures plastered all over the tabloids.


            1. Yes exactly, that performance was really something. I didn’t really like her that much anyway. But yes I did use to watch her show.
              Ah can you imagine? I truly hate the paparazzi too!


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