Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I like to think I’m getting a bit famous here. Can’t complain. I’m loving every minute of it. If I’m really getting famous and if this is all not in my head.


This is my third Oscar..oh I mean blogger award that my wordpress-friends have nominated me for. It’s none other than Ronovan who nominated me for this award. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s a gem of a person, someone who writes beautifully. He’s always very encouraging of other people and “RTs well” 🙂 Thank you so much Ronovan for this award!!  Can’t thank you enough.

So the rules are simple: a) Thank the person who nominated you b) write 7 facts about yourself c) nominate 15 other people d) proudly display the logo of the most inspiring blog on your page!

Okay so (this is a bit hard since i have already listed some facts about myself) here are seven facts about my self :

1. I was bald (not bald, but like with really short hair) most of my childhood because my Grandma shaved my head off every chance she got. She thought it might make my hair thick. It didn’t. Just gave me a lot of bald childhood photos.

2. I’m a true Sagittarius. With a really, really bad temper.

3. My mom got engaged before me. Yeah, this kind of counts.

4. I have two brothers who are annoying as hell but I love them more than I would love my own children.

5. I like older men. There, I said it. Michael Fassbender, Josh Hartnett, Neil Patrick Harris, Tom Cruise and Ryan Gosling…see, all my movie crushes are way, way older than me (I’m 20, in case you’re wondering)

6. I am a shoes-a-holic and handbags-a-holic.

7. I am a pessimist in most circumstances. But I  love my life.

Whew, thank god that’s over. I will now move on to the nominees!

1. Aussa Lorens. Simply because she’s awesome.

2. Beth. She’s the second best. Her posts are amazing. Read the one where she got roofied and you’ll literally LOL.

3. Amanda. She’s away on vacations now, but really she’s truly amazing. A sweetheart.

4. Brianna. I have just only recently found her. She’s amazing too and funny. Best part: She’s speaks French too.

5. Garfieldhug’s Blog. Truly amazing. Cute and cuddly too 🙂

6. Kennedyblairdefenco. I have just met her. She writes really well. Her posts are pure and always a pleasure to read.

7. Corrie. She’s witty and such a talented writer. Lover her. Love her hair too.

8. Steven. He’s the only guy on my list, haha. Anyway, he’s truly inspiring. His posts make my day.

9. I don’t know her name so let’s go with Butterfly but just like her blog, she’s beautiful, colorful, funny and writes amazing posts!

10. Aman Mittal. The first person who asked me to guest blog. Oh yeah, he has a special place in my heart. He’s a readaholic. Head over to his blog to read some great reviews.

11. Samara. I advise you all to follow her. Read the post about the dildo and tell me if I’m wrong.

12. Veda. Free spirited, free bird. A breath of fresh air.

13. Inion N. Mathair. The mother-daughter duo who’s way famous than I am and way more talented!

14. PrettyTrippy. It’s a beauty blog that everyone should follow. She writes about nail care, skin, hair..u name it. And lots of other great stuff too.

15. Last but not the least, Ronovan! Yes, it’s okay if you don’t write another post about this award but just so you know how much you inspire me!

Oh and just in case you think I was joking about the boy-cut-thing-all-my-before-teens-life thing, here’s proof:



17 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Hahaha! Oh my gosh, your Grandma! That’s so funny. And awful. I suppose there are worse things she could have tried… like covering your head in cow dung or something. But still. Ha!

    And you’re 20?! *sigh* Such a young pup… I’m pretty sure you use your brain far more than I did when I was your age.

    Congrats on the award and thank you so much for nominating me!!!


    1. Oh my god! Cow dung! I never thought of that! Ah, now I feel better that she shaved my head instead of putting cow dung on it!

      Yes, I will be twenty one this year!
      Oh you deserve it! I love love your blog, i can’t get enough of it!


    2. I thought I was already following you. I have read your posts in my reader. Why is wordpress acting funny all of a sudden?


        1. Oooh that makes sense. Hmmm. So how’s it coming along so far? Isn’t it hard? Because I think you require a web host too.


          1. Just figuring out the little details is difficult– like right now I’m trying to find out how to notify people when I reply to their comments. You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult! But.. it is.. haha


  2. Awwww, I’m so wowed right now! Thank you so much for the nom! I feel horrible I’m just getting over here, I was out of town and will be playing blogoshere catch up for months….OY.
    Okay — I’m a total Sagittarius too, temper and all. I know I seem super sweet via computer (and I am) but I have a very short fuse. It’s obnoxious! my husband jokes that I’m his little hot-blooded Italian…except I’m pure Irish. haha!

    Also, you’re started naming older men and I’m all, hey, those guys are my age! hahaha. oh well….I’m glad you like older bloggers too. 🙂

    purseandshoeaholics UNITE! *fist bumps*
    Every single time we go out of town I come home with a new pair of shoes and/or a purse. In Arkansas a few weeks ago, it was both. LIKE A BOSS.


    1. Oh you SO deserved it! I LOVE your blog. I didn’t know you were out of town. Hope your trip was great 🙂
      Seriously? Your saggitarius too? Yaaay! I know we’re a bit hot headed but mostly we are very loveable hehe. Well I didn’t mean old like old walking with a stick I just meant older than me 🙂
      It doesn’t matter what age a blogger is. Even if I am a bit younger, we have SO much in common 😀


  3. Merci beaucoup! Thanks so much for the mention. I just write what’s on my mind and try to have fun with it. I’m so happy that you keep getting nominated…your writing is amazing. 🙂


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