Save my country, please!

I am not patriotic. I never support the Pakistani national team, whether it’s cricket or hockey. I think going to heavily booked cafés when they show cricket matches on big screens between the two rival teams, Pakistan and India is a waste of time. I don’t wear a mini clip of Pakistan’s flag with my uniform unless it’s the 14th of August. Of all my role models, favourite actors and musicians, none are from Pakistan. I am not patriotic, people say. Not the least bit.

I moved from the considerably peaceful city of Lahore to the more chaotic city of Karachi two years ago. The transition proved to be tough because even though it’s a part of the same country as my hometown, it’s less greener, less hotter and less secure, just like everyone had warned me.

I have been starting to think of Karachi as my city now. Whether it’s Karachi or Lahore or Peshawar, it is a part of Pakistan and it pains me to see what’s happening to my country, the way it is being ruined. I still don’t go to big screening of Pakistan cricket matches to cheer for Pakistan. I am not patriotic, not the least bit.

If you follow CNN or BBC, I am sure you are aware of the recent Taliban attack at the old terminal of our Jinnah International Airport and the corresponding attack at the ASF campus the very next day. Since the news is shown on international level, which should be the case since it was practically “breaking news”, I fear that no foreigner, specially the ones who have never visited Pakistan will ever set foot here. There’s still hope for people that have visited the state at least once, but I doubt they will get security clearance to come to this dangerous land and Karachi once again will become a no go area for foreigners.

As per media reports, some terrorist made their way through to Jinnah airport by forging employee ID cards( aren’t they so advanced than us!). As per reports, they fired their way in, killing men from the airport security staff. One thinks why no one from airport security was capable enough to counter the attack. Oh, it’s because the Taliban had rocket launchers with them? Really? One couldn’t help but wonder how exactly were such humongous, dangerous weapons were allowed in the first place? As per media reports, the Taliban hid them in some corner room, where other ammunition were kept as well. Brava to the media! Good job! Story fits well!

As if the actual incident wasn’t devastating enough, the media decided to spice up the next story as well. It read in the news that once again that the next day, the airport had been attacked and once again all flights operations were seized. When in reality, all that had really happened was this;
Two gun men on a motorcycle had approached the ASF security campus, which is 2-3km away from the Airport and started air firing. They ran as soon as police men and army men gathered around. No harm was done, no lives lost and neither were flight operations

Dear media, you don’t need to try so hard to portray Pakistan as a dirt hole, the Taliban and their allies are already doing an excellent job at it.

Oh and speaking of Taliban, the TTP and the IMU, an affiliate of TTP, takes full responsibility of both events. For the second attack, they modernised things up and “tweeted” that they are the culprit. Funny how they are more advanced than us in everything.But really who is to be blamed?

Our leaders, whose priorities are stuffing their pockets with money and making emotional speeches and stabbing their fits in the podium? The media, who instead of protecting and restoring our image are doing anything but? The Taliban, who fight in the name of Islam for all the wrong reasons and justify death with more chaos? Or the people who sit infront of their tellys and curse Pakistan? Or people like me whose hearts bleeds when events like these take place but are helpless but at least not hopeless?

What should we do? What should I do? How do we overcome this? How do we restore law and order in our beloved land and strive towards making it better? Does the lower class need to unite and overthrow the ruling class to form a new nation and start from the scratch? Do we need something like the Cuban Revolution? Where’s our CHE?

I am not patriotic. Not even the least bit. I really want to do something for my country. But first I have to find a way to save my country. Please someone, anyone, help me save my country.

14 thoughts on “Save my country, please!

  1. Reblogged this on ronovanwrites and commented:
    Everyone, this is what I mean by following for inspiration and following for learning. I just learned so much in this one article from a real person that my entire view of Pakistan has been changed or at least been altered to think more of the people there than the negativity we always see. Read this!


    1. Ronovan, I can’t thank you enough for dropping by and taking out time to read this and then sharing it on twitter and your blog. It’s a personal post and it means so much to me that I may have changed someone’s view of Pakistan for the better.
      I am really very thankful to you. Appreciate it a lot!


      1. The personal ones are the best ones. If this had been some analytical work I would not have been moved by it. You write well. You changed the world a little bit today.


  2. Hi Zareen, we found your blog by way of Beth Teliho and decided to stop by and visit!! Loved your post my dear the passion by which you write and the conviction in your words. Terrorism is becoming a brutal part of our every day world unfortunately. And more needs to be written about it; to show the impact on countries wrecked by the act and the fears of a people warn by violence!!! Sharing this now sweety!!! 😉 xo ❤


    1. Hello! I enjoyed the interview on Beth’s page just so you know. Thank you so much for taking out time to read this post- it means a lot to me. I love my country and I really wanted to give people a picture of the real Pakistan. Thank you once again for your support and kind words!

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  3. Wow. You have a very strong voice. It annoys me when the media sensationalizes things. Especially when real untainted stories are so much more powerful and thought provoking. History is a great tool when wanting to improve the present. If people have passion and knowledge they can win whatever struggles they face. I hope that solution comes soon.


    1. Hey thanks Brie! I’m glad a lot of people like this post!
      Yeah I’m hoping to make a difference. I would love to do something to improve the situation for my country!
      Thanks for reading Hun!


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