Does a degree really matter?

When I ended my A levels, I thought “Yes, it’s FINALLY over!”. I am like most of you out there. I wasn’t really confident/stylish/cool/popular in high school. I did become a bit of a “celebrity” at college after I acted as the second ( but hot) wife  in a play called  “One wife too many” . But that was it. As much as I enjoyed the attention and the compliments after the play, I was glad college came to an end. That might have had something to do with my first college fling gone not the way that I had expected. But it was nothing out of the ordinary: He acted interested, then made a run for the hills. First he ignored me and then dropped out of college. Which I think was a bit too extreme. I wasn’t stalking him or anything, he could have stayed in the same college and we could actually be all grown up about it, but oh well. But, apart from my broken heart, I was happy I won’t have to read another chemistry book again.

Soon I realized that A Levels degree I was so proud of meant nothing. Because in the outside world, it wasn’t even considered a degree, “it was just a lousy diploma“. So learning those six thousand formulas in physics, or spending late nights the formula of a chemical compound or trying to figure out the gradient of the graph had lead me to this: A “lousy diploma” that didn’t mean a thing. Not to mention, the huge sum of money wasted on college fees. It was such a shock, really. I had utter faith that all the time spent in classrooms and boring lectures were going to bear fruit.


I didn’t know that when I was in college.

It was really hard getting a job with just an A level degree in hand. I could sum up my education information in two lines in my resume. And the HR Director kept insisting that I was just out of college, so fresh, barely an adult, that he felt it was too risky giving me the job.

You’re very confident and can speak in English very well. I think you’ll be able to deal with people professionally. But we have to admit that you have no prior experience of a job. Any job or anything remotely related to hospitality!”


I was kind of furious by this point so I just stared at him and then said with a smile:

Well you were you appointed here the day you were born? No? Ah, well then I guess we all have to start somewhere, right?”

He misunderstood my sarcasm and rudeness for confidence and hired me.

Schools and colleges here don’t offer a degree or diploma in Hospitality. The best one can do is spend four years at Pakistan’s Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management and get a diploma that says “Congrats! Now you’re ready to go and deal with crappy guests for the rest of your life!“. (I’m kidding. It doesn’t say that. But it should). Bring me any PITHM student and I shit you not I will know so much more about hospitality than them. Because to them, those are just words in a text book. Us? We do it every day, 365 days of our life. In Hospitality Industry, you learn more on your feet than just skimming through textbooks. And I think that goes for most jobs.

But still, on the persistent advice of friends and family who were concerned about my future, I took admission in a university. It has teachers who are well paid but don’t give a crap about their students and students who are here to enjoy the university life while their parents work their ass off to pay the fees. It was like college all over again.

I had signed up for morning classes since I’m usually in the evening shift at work. They told me they had a 9 to 12 class available for me. What they didn’t tell me was that the timings could be changed to 12pm to 3pm or 3pm to 6pm. Anytime.  Since I start work at 3pm, I couldn’t do the other two timings. I had enough on my plate and couldn’t even think of going through my routine and work timings again with the counselors from the Uni. So I dropped this semester and shifted to the fall semester, now being more aware of the unpredictable schedules.

See, I work at a hotel. I can’t plan my next week because I’m not sure if I will get a day off on my day off, you know. I tried explaining it to the receptionist, this girl names Sahar, who wears a scarf and puts an eyeliner in a way that makes her eyes seem cleopatra-ish but only barely. She is the so called Student Counselor *rolls eyes*. When I told her about my problem, she said:

LISTEN, I don’t have time to listen to you. I can’t listen to such long calls! “.


umm isn’t it like..your job ?”

“I can’t listen to such long calls. I mean, you will have to visit the campus because clearly I have been talking and trying to make you understand, but you obviously don’t!”

“Excuse me, but I think I have every right to argue. Since I have PAID for the classes in advance and am not getting a REFUND, so yeah I’m pissed and therefore making such LONG CALLS that you’re too busy to listen to even though it’s YOUR JOB!!”

After a few moment of silence and me asking what the email address of the Principal is:

“Listen, I think we both got off on the wrong foot. I am sorry if I hurt you…”


Other than Bitchface, there’s also a green eyed guy, or GEF there who is a bit of a flirt. I don’t respond to his flirty eyes, or his opening line that is always the same: “So you work at (hotel name)? Cool. How can one get a job there?”. Every fucking time. But like all men he’s a sucker for anything that has anything remotely resembling boobs. So even though I don’t have huge boobs, I use my other feminine charms to make him help me.

They also have a student online system called Step which must have been designed by one crappy web designer. You have to go to it for every little thing: major change, schedule change, semester change, semester change/drop..just every fucking thing. And then you have to make a “Request”. And the patiently wait for that “request” to be accepted in a few weeks. Can you imagine? The whole point of making this online system is to speed up things and not further slow them down. Every other person is using technology to save time except them. The Bitches-tek people. (It’s actually Biztek, but I like this pronunciation).

And what is the point of all this? If my A Levels degree..oh diploma didn’t make a difference, then what are the chances that a bachelor’s degree will? To me, it’s nothing but a mere practice that I have to go through to conform with the norms and adhere to the idea that people and my family has of a well-educated girl. And maybe to trick my next boss into thinking I’m some sort of genius when all I’ll have is two, small letters in front of my name. That’s it. Do you really think it’s going to make me any smarter? Do you really think one’s grades reflect their true potential? Do you think we can judge human potential by their transcripts and how well they do in class?


What do you think? I wanna hear you. I want to know whether I am right or just pissed at BitchFace.



9 thoughts on “Does a degree really matter?

    1. Hahaha exactly my point! Not to say that people shouldn’t attend college at all. It’s just that maybe the importance of a degree is a bit overrated!


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