6 ways to make a long distance relationship work

I’m not here to tell you that long distance relationships are not hard. They are hard. Very hard infact. So far away from the “ideal“. But some couples do find themselves in situations where they could either opt for a long distance relation or end it. And most people do end it, some directly with the “Listen, you’re great but it’s not gonna work out” speech and some after a few months of half hearted attempts of making it work.
The problem, you ask? The problem is the stereotype that long distance relationships don’t work. Every relationship has the tendency to last, depending on how far you are willing to go to be with that special someone. Where there’s a will, there’s a way right?

1.Stop listening to what others have to say about your relationship

Save yourself the trouble and don’t give a fuck about what others think. Did you ask your best friend’s permission before kissing him? No right? But you did it anyway? Then you don’t need her advice now either. Most people will just like to corrupt your mind with negative thoughts. Believe in your partner and keep away from such people.

2. Make time for each other


This is something no relation can last without. You, both of you should set your priorities straight. The worse thing you can do is tell someone who’s ten thousand miles away, waiting for you to come online for more than an hour, that you have had a tiring day at work and won’t be able to talk tonight. No, don’t do that.

3. Buy an iPhone


Or an iPad. Seriously. It will solve soooo many problems. You could face time, talk on Skype, rant on viber about how awful your day was or text on whatsapp to ask him which pair of shoes would he want you to wear today!

4. Send care packages once in a while


It’s a truly lovely gesture. Not only does your boy/girl know that you care for her, but he/she will really appreciate something from home. And it can include anything! Maybe some cute teddy bears to keep her company at night? Maybe a mix cd of the songs you both love?
And when all else fails, send chocolates. God’s magical creation.


5. Don’t discuss your relationship problems avec others
There is really no need for your aunt’s daughter to know why you guys had an argument over mutual friends last night. Keep your personal problems personal. All people will ever do is pint you against each other. You can’t help it- people love to hate. So you’re better off dealing with your fights with each other rather than telling the whole world about it. You could, however, blog about it…

6. Make up
After every fight, make it a habit of making up with your partner. Remember that he/she too have been away from you for a while. Sometimes it gets to you, and that’s okay. The important thing is to keep in mind that you both love each other and try and make it work.

This is all I have got for now. Y’all have to excuse me, while I go for my date on Face time with my special someone 😉

16 thoughts on “6 ways to make a long distance relationship work

  1. The advice to not discuss your relationship woes with others is so solid– even though all my past relationships were total shite, I know that they seemed amplified by a thousand after I’d melted down over them to my friends.


  2. Thanks for the tips. My husband will living abroad this summer/autumn (for 6 months!) 😦 so I will find myself in a long distant relationship for the very first time. He travels a lot, but only for 2 weeks here and there! It must be tough for longer periods of time. I can’t say i’m looking forward to it, but I shall definitely refer back to this list when the time comes.


    1. Woah! That’s long! But I think it’s different for a girlfriend to be in a long distance relationship and different for wife. Like, you’d be more understanding And you won’t be insecure about him leaving you. Like most girl friends are.


      1. Oh, you’d be surprised. I think it can raise all kinds of issues – jealousy, resentment. At first I didn’t cope so well, but I am learning to adapt. I accept that he is doing this so we can have a better future, not to live the life of a single man. He works very hard! That being said, it’s going to be tough 6 months. Luckily I have some amazing people around me to ‘lift me up’ and not forgetting, a blog in which I can vent!


        1. Well, everyone gets jealous every now and then so I won’t really hold it against you.
          Well good for you! Anytime you feel low, you know where to find me!


          1. Thank you! This means a lot to me 🙂 (especially at the moment, with my husband being in Iraq!) And yeah! If I wasn’t jealous, I think that would be more worrying! It just shows I care…


            1. Iraq? Isn’t that like way dangerous? Dont mean to scare you, people even call karachi dangerous!
              Jealousy and love go hand in hand! Unless of course you become the paranoid jealous types 😛
              By the way, I love your header! It’s so cute! You’re beautiful *mesmerised by your beauty*!!


              1. Aw! How sweet of you! YOU are too cute 🙂 Yes, Iraq is one of the most dangerous places he has been so far. When we were face timing the other day; I could see a smoking building in the background…I was like “is that a bomb?”…he was like “nah, that’s nothing…it’s completely safe!” *fake smile* He’s back next Sunday…Phew!


  3. Hi! I went to this post immediately because long distance is what I do.
    I don’t do close up and live. Too much for me.

    Long distance is tricky. I wish my friend knew the bit about don’t tell someone who’s been waiting for over an hour that you’re too tired to chat online. 🙂


    1. I know right? Sometimes it just gets to much. I’m also relatively happier in long distance relationships.
      Well it can be hard too and some times we hurt our friends/loved ones by ignoring them but I guess that’s just how people are nowadays. Too busy to take out time for others!
      And hey thanks for reading!


  4. Love that tip on making your problems just between the two of you! Oh, if only I had read about this a year ago, we could have saved ourselves a heartbreak. Nevertheless, what’s done is done.


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