This is so wrong, but so good!

When I started this blog, I promised myself to keep my love life out of it. Today, as in, right now, I’m breaking that promise.

It’s not exactly about my love life. It’s more about a love life that could happen as a result of this crush.

So there’s this guy and I have a small (yes, very tiny) crush on him.I first met him during the reign of the previous General Manager so probably somewhere in the month of January/February. He’s Belge. Actually, he’s from the embassy of Belgium, so he’s like pretty VIP and stuff. Whereas I on the other hand, am a nobody who blogs and works at one of the many hotels he has visited.

The first time we met, he told the G.M that he wasn’t here for business and instead for a friend’s wedding.

Oh are you talking about the guy who married the Pakistani girl?”

“Yeah, you know them?” small, sparkly,surprised eyes look at me with a smile.

“Oh yeah, I know them. I checked them in“.

And that’s how I caught his eye. Or so I like to think.

We “bonded” over the fact that  he can speak French and I can speak a little French. He was extremely sweet about it and unlike my current General Manager, actually replied me back in French and was veeerrrry impressed.

We only chatted for about ten minutes. Which was long enough to get me crushing on him. He had the air of a being a very knowledgeable (is it a word? is this sentence even correct?) person and he was SUCH a gentleman.

And as if the cuteness was not enough to melt my heart, one lovely evening he emerged wearing a dark red kurta shalwar. To everyone out there who has no idea what it is; all green/blue/grey eyed foreigners (men) look GREAT in kurta shalwar to all of us, the natives. He was just about to walk out when I looked up and he signaled his hands as if to say “Look at this!”. But it was said in a happy, fun way. He looked gorgeous.

And now he’s coming back! I’m more than excited, practicing my french every day, with a million butterflies in my stomach every time I think of him. My mind if filled with stories of what-might-happen between us. (As if something will happen).

In my mind, he has already asked me out. We have been on an amazing date, so amazing that he has asked me to get engaged and have his kids because there’s no one else in this world he could love more than me.

In reality, we haven’t even reached first base yet. And will probably never will.



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