Stuart Little part 3

I just read a post on and it reminded me of my rat situation. Unlike her, though, I don’t feel sympathetic for it. AT ALL. I’m all for killing it with a gun if necessary.

Rats creep me out. I haven’t met a single sane person who likes them. Here are a few exceptions though:


I haven’t had the guts to see him with my own eyes yet. But this is what my brother has told me:

He’s brown-ish and fat. He has tiny little hair on his large fat body. His tail is possibly longer than the length of his entire body. We have no idea how he got in. We have tried everything possible thing on earth to make him go away. We left rat pills for him so he could eat them and die but he proved to be too clever and the next morning we found the pills at the same place, untouched. Hmm, smart. We tried setting up a trap but I guess the only rat that does get caught in a trap is Jerry from Tom&Jerry (even he escapes from it half the time).

We don’t know how he got in but we are aware of his intention now: To become a part of this family and become a creepy version of Stuart Little.

Ewwww. Ain’t gonna happen as long as I’m alive.

Anyone got a cat? How do I get this S.O.R out of the house?


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