When your boss promotes his mistress

Okay so she’s not exactly his mistress, just rumored to be. Several colleagues have witnessed them leaving work together and eyebrows have been raised over my boss’s biased attitude towards her. But still, it’s a strong word with a stronger meaning. I really shouldn’t use it…too bad it makes for such a catchy title.

The promotion was long over due. I had an inkling as to who will wear the crown at the end but I desperately hoped that it’d be me. See,that’s the kind of girl I am. I believe in the impossible. I believe in miracles. But not unicorns; that stuff isn’t real.

Besides having an optimistic bone (literally, one) I had a good feeling about the promotion, specially since Monday night. We were expecting a VVIP guest of our General Manager who was to be treated very VVIP-ly. If he wanted us to lie on our tummies on the floor, we had to do it. We weren’t allowed to give him room to complain. So I spent an hour checking his room, making sure it didn’t smell of smoke, arranging the glorious fruit basket and flowers.

But the moment he came in, with his white beard and long stick, he demanded a smoking rooms although a non-smoking room was waiting for him. Great. In my mind, I imagined all my hard work going to waste… But then I snapped out of it and called the room service shift the flowers and the fruits to the new room. Next up, he wanted a receipt from our sister hotel in Islamabad confirming that this room was paid for. You see, there was an issue the last time he was here regarding payment. So to avoid any hassle, he paid at our Sissy (sister hotel) in advance. How hard could it be to get a receipt?

Very hard, it turns out. I had to make frantic phone calls to our Sissy and kept being transferred from one person to the other, repeating the story all over again. When I got the manager to fax the receipt to me, I saw that the amount was not 18,000Rs but instead 300,000Rs!

300,000Rs. for one fucking night? What is this? The Hilton? Bel-Air?Another frantic phone call to our Sissy. After telling me to calm the fuck down (he didn’t say the fuck part but I could hear it in his voice), he told me that the amount on the receipt was a total of his bill at the Sissy with the advance for one night at our hotel. “Oh good! Good”. I said before almost fainting again and falling to the ground.

So I told this much to the guest who wasn’t angry at all. He said he just didn’t want any hassle at tomorrow’s check out. Yeaaaah, you could have told me that before I nearly died from panic attacks. And then he requested for beer. After 21:30 which isn’t allowed in any condition. But this was Jan.

I followed  my manager  around like a love sick puppy and begged him to send the beer right away. After it was all done, I asked whether I could have a glass as well because God knows I needed it.

Anyway, he said that our General Manager had told him about me. That was impossible. Verdoon hates me remember? Apparently he compared me to Iffat from Sissy who’s like the Queen of all the G.R.Os.

*feeling content* Oh, I knew he loved me!

But when I came in last afternoon, I heard that Mistress was going to get a promotion. I did what I usually do. I googled as to how I should react. I don’t know I have this really weird habit of googling just about everything as if the internet has all the answers. But the results were not appealing. All of them were “Don’t be bitchy to her” and “Think of how you can make yourself better” and shit. Some solutions! The correct answer was to confirm that she’s a bitch and I had every right to slap her and stomp into my boss’s office and tell him I deserve the the promotion and not her. She doesn’t do anything. I’m the one who makes above 100 welcome letters every freaking day and who’s good at customer relations. All she does is whine about her guests and the small amount of work she has to do. And you know if you listen to her, you actually sympathize with her. She’s so good at convincing others that she had sooo much to do when in reality she doesn’t budge from her seat.

I am having a work crisis. Every bone ( not the optimistic ones) in my body is telling me to quit and I might do so. Soon.

Have you ever been denied a promotion? Or not received when you totally totally deserved it?


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