And the oscars goes to…

Okay so maybe it isn’t really the Oscars with Jared Leto in a cream jacket and Jennifer Lawrence tripping all over the red carpet, but I just love these awards. Appreciation is very much appreciated when you don’t get it neither from your work nor home.

So this time I have been nominated for a different award called:

Award 13

I have been nominated by the lovely, beautiful, big-eyes-and-perfect-teeth Amanda from She’s awesome and anyone who wants to roll on their stomach and laugh out loud should definitely go check her blog out.

I am grateful to her for the award and also because she nominated me with the one which doesn’t require you to do much work. All you guys have to do is paste the picture of this award and nominate twelve more people! C’est tres facille! (It’s very easy!!)

So here are my nominations:

1. (not because she nominated me, but because she’s like a sister)

2. The amazing redhead Auusa




6. Witty Dalie  from


8. Beautiful Beth from


10. Beth (who has by now roamed half of the world) from

11. Funny Hannah from

12.  Mon amie from

That’s it! Enjoy! Spread the awards!


6 thoughts on “And the oscars goes to…

  1. Geez, I’m blushing over here! 🙂 thank you and of course I shall accept. I am honoured!!! Great intro btw…I love that! I wish Jared Leto and Jen Lawrence were there…love them both! Thanks again my blogging Sista! And congrats again!


  2. Thaaank you so much! It’s the first award I ever got and it feels like an oscar. The real one I now dont need anymore, haha 😀
    You are really great, thanks so much again! ❤


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