Because a wall post just won’t do anymore

I truly hate the internet at times. Is it necessary to wish your ex-best friend happy birthday, by dedicating your status to her because a post on her face book wall is oh-so-2011? And then converting your best-possible (if there are any at all) selfies into a collage and uploading them along with the status? Is it really, really necessary to do all this? Does it really represent how close you guys are?

I did that with a friend of mine. We used to be besties since the fifth grade. She changed schools but we were pretty much still in touch when I was in Lahore. Of course, when I migrated to a different country and then came back to Karachi, no one was interested in me or asking me what the fuck was going on with my life. The only time she called me was when she had something to rant about. What sucked was that she always finished it with a “You know, I feel so blessed to have a friend like you. I can not talk to you for years and when I do call you, every thing is just so natural and not awkward at all“.

Maybe it was a really clever mind trick, to make me feel proud for doing such a great job of always being there. The reliable one.  But it didn’t. It made me felt like I was being used. Made me feel like shit. It was more of a reminder of how I was always there for her while she wasn’t. Naturally, we grew apart. Further, I mean.

So  when I post “Happy birthday” on her virtual wall, she actually got offended and angrily, private messaged me that if I was going to wish her like this, it was better that I don’t wish her at all.

 I think she should have bowed down to me for making an effort and remembering her birth date (I suck at remembering them). I wondered if I could piss her off a little more by deleting my “Happy Birthday” and replacing it with a “H.B.D”. And also adding “bro” at the end, even though she is a girl but that’s how her lot talks to each other these days.

So why is dedicating a status on face book and uploading selfies perceived as the best way to greet someone on their birthday? A bouquet of flowers and a hand written card is not good anymore? Or is there something more?

4 thoughts on “Because a wall post just won’t do anymore

  1. Maybe that’s the best way for some people but for me, it isn’t. My best friends and I now live far away from each other but we make it a point to communicate via text or get together at least once in awhile. I cringe at those collages or “notice me!” posts on Facebook. That’s one of the many reasons why I stay away from Fb. There’s just too much going on without the actual substance, you know?


    1. Exactly. They are nothing but “notice me” signs. I don’t know why it is. I like face book but recently it has turned into more of a site where fret about the number of their likes. It’s kind of sad.


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