Say what?!

I was in a hurry today. So maybe the rickshaw driver isn’t entirely at fault. You see I had to post this letter immediately. So I asked him to take me to the nearest TCS office. Off we went. He whizzed his rickshaw from this street to that and to another one and a few more. When we passed the signal, I had a hunch he was going the wrong way but I wasn’t quite sure so didn’t really stop him. And these rickshaw drivers. You wouldn’t dare argue with them.

Smart mouth just after the moonnaayy

So he turns into a street with a college at the end and stops his rickshaw right there. We exchange confused looks; him wondering why the fuck am I not getting off, thanking him, paying him as well as tipping him for the lovely, smooth (not) ride and me wondering where on earth has he brought me to. Finally, I ask him.

“Here it is” he proudly presents as if were his creation. “P C S college”

“, I said the tee cee ss offiiccee?”, I said trying to say it slowly so that he would understand better. But he was so insistent.

“Yes. This is the P C S college”

“No tee cee from where you send stuff to other places?”

“I don’t know…but this is P C S college!!”

So before I lost complete control of my self and gave him a “face palm”,I told him to take me to Dolmen Mall. There are two of them: one is five minutes from my place and the other is an hour away. Just to be sure, I asked him thrice where he was taking me to.

Most people spend a lot in December, because they have to buy Christmas gifts for all their relatives. For me, April and June are months where I should actually hide my wallet in a place where even I can’t find it. My brother’s and mom’s birthday is coming up this month. It wasn’t so hard choosing a gift. But choosing the birthday cards was a nightmare. I stood at the counter for fifteen minutes before deciding on a semi-formal and formal card (there wasn’t a funny one). And how could you expect me to go on a shopping trip and NOT buy something for myself. Hello-I’m human for God’s sake! You know, I saw the cutest tops today. Today’s achievement:  Discovered a new shop that sells excellent bags for a very good price! But every time I reached for a shoe or handbag, I tried to convince my self that I really didn’t need any of it, it was just my mind playing tricks on me. When that didn’t work, I tried to remind myself of Isla Fischer in Confessions of a Shopaholic. Sadly, it worked.

So what exactly wrong with me? I used to hate shopping. Now I can’t seem to keep my zip zipped. As in my purse’s zip…oh you know what I mean!

Am I *horrified look on face* turning into a shopaholic? Am I shopping too much coz I have a lot going on at home? Your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Say what?!

  1. I LOVE the pictures. They fit the situation well. (I’m sorry, but I’m trying not to chuckle while I write this. The more I think about you doing the face palm, the funnier it gets.

    Thanks for the laugh :-p


    1. Thankyou! But please,do smile,laugh or chuckle. Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing that I made someone smile 🙂


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