Czech or Cali?

As some of you may have heard, my mom’s getting married. Again. This guy she’s getting married to is from Canada. He intends on moving to California since the temperature is more bearable there. So obviously after the precious wedding ceremony, we all will migrate to Cali and I can be one of the “california gurls”.

Except I can’t.

As I’m 20 years of age, I’m no longer the dependent child (YYYYAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!)

Which means I can’t go with them. Only after or before them. So, here are the three options that they have oh-so-generously offered to me:

a) I can either stay here alone, or with a relative and continue studies

b) Get a student visa and go live with my Nan (my mum’s mum) in NJ  for the time being until my family settles in Cali and then arranges for me to come live with them

c) I can go to Czech Republic and study there

So option A is kind of out of question. Living in Karachi and that too alone? I haven’t reached that point of lunacy as yet. And I can’t stay with any of my relatives. They would never approve of my work timings and cause a stir every time I come home. I come home at 23:40 from work. That is too late for any household in my family and will be most certainly frowned upon very, very much.Also, it might earn me a few nasty titles as well among the family. Besides, I have a really tiring job; I wouldn’t want to deal with drama after a long day. So no thank you.

Did u read option B?

Imagine me wasting an incredible amount of money to get a student visa and a admission in a university that is in NJ, where my Nano lives. I would also have to go through the extremely tiring process of finding a university that offers a program I like and is also near to her house. Then, when I have just started to adjust, my mother and step-dad are going to call me to California. And I would thus have to change universities, again. Imagine my state of frustration.

The only option that seems workable is the last one. Because Czech is one of the European country that offers relatively cheap living. I have a friend who I think might be able to help me with the visa. Besides that, it is affordable and such a beautiful country.

What do you think I should do? Any better options? Let me hear ’em!



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