What’s in your sac?

I’m sitting in my room, unable to sleep, with an itch to blog. About something. So here’s a random post for y’all.

Just so you know, sac is the french word for bag/purse. Just so you know2, these are the contents of my “work” sac.


1.Can you see that round silver ball? That’s actually my DKNY Red Apple perfume.One of my favorites and my work scent.

2. See that mauve and silver cylinder shaped lipsticks? Stolen. Not mine. Not a chance; I use lip gloss. But sometimes I like to try new things (read, stealing my mom’s lipsticks).

3. All those colors you see in the middle are  of my eye shades box. So many colors, some of them completely untouched. Could you imagine me wearing lime-green eye shade for work? Or for that matter could you imagine anyone wearing it?

4. The black net. It’s not in the picture but it’s the most essential part of our attire at work. We are not allowed to have our hair in pony tails. Instead, we are forced to make “neat” buns. Despite of watching numerous videos on how to make the perfect bun, my buns have remained un-neat.

5. The black ART DECO lip gloss. It’s a beautiful shade of pink and my favorite lip gloss because it lasts longer.

6. The cute yellow hair clip. Just in case, I forget (sometimes on purpose,specially when I have straightened my hair) the net.

7. Keys to my locker with the key chain in the shape of Steven Gerrard’s shirt. So now you know I’m a Liverpool fan 🙂

8. My petit blush by BOURJOIS

9. My chocolate brown wallet. With small cash, my debit card, my ID card, a few cards and a 500 Czech currency note.

10. Painkiller. Panadol Extra. Because it’s a life saver when the lobby is colder than Antarctica and you’re dealing with douche bags.

P.S Sorry for the randomness of the post!

Empty your bag right now and let me know what’s in it!

2 thoughts on “What’s in your sac?

  1. I do love seeing what’s in someone else’s handbag!! In mine – Michael Kors wallet, Rosebud salve, Kikki K pen, bobby pins and hairties, my work business cards, house and car keys, feminine products, bandaids, tissues and a water bottle “)


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