5 Do’s and Don’ts of dating

I know, I know what you’re thinking “How is this article different from the other Do’s and Don’ts of dating artilces?”. Translation: Why should I waste my time reading your article? Tell you what, if by the end of this, I haven’t earned a few laughs from you, you don’t have to read any of my posts again. Deal?

1. Don’t be too honest

We have all heard “Honest is the best policy” growing up. It’s a policy so best, that it almost always comes to bite you in the ass. Chill. We are in a relationship, not under oath. There isn’t any need to be too honest about everything, everything. I’m not asking you to lie and further jeopardize the relationship. But some details are better left out. Like..

2. Don’t talk about your Ex-s

A brief recap of the people you have dated and how it ended oh-so-bad can be the appetizer of your conversation. So long as it isn’t the main course of the conversation. It will a) irritate the crap out of him/her and b) likely to make him/her more and more possessive of you every time you interact with your ex c) It leads to jealousy and we all know how that turns out. It happened, it ended. Let it go.

3. Don’t date a possessive guy/girl

I don’t know how boys feel about it, but at least, women who are strong and independent hate being treated like babies. We don’t want a man who keeps obsessing over past relationships or every guy that we talk to. We want a man who’s confident enough to deal with the fact that we can have guy friends that are just friends and trust us enough that we will not sleep with every other person we meet.

4. Don’t date a bad boy

That is, if you can’t handle one. But please don’t date a bad boy and hope to God that he will become an angel one day. Please. Don’t. He’s called a bad boy for a reason. Besides, this is real life. Not “A walk to remember”.

5. Don’t date a psycho

Er.. this is something you will realize after a few months of your relationship. So it may be possible that you’re dating a psycho, but not aware of it. That’s cool. But if they so much as hint of being nut heads, RUN!

Share your Do’s and Don’ts of dating!


2 thoughts on “5 Do’s and Don’ts of dating

    1. Hahaha! True! These are actually lessons, some of which I have experienced myself and some that are learned from others. At least, the mistakes I have made are going to help someone!


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