Butt of the joke

The irritating co-worker was finally let go. Either my boss got his head out of his ass and accepted the girl’s resignation. Or she convinced him that she was a spoiled brat who was too precious to waster her time working with us low-lifes. Either way, she’s no longer coming and I couldn’t be happier that I don’t need to look forward to anymore awkward conversation.

Another of my co-workers, S. Marshal, resigned. She had given a resignation before saying that she would not be able to do the evening shift anymore because of the timings. You see, evening shift starts from 3 and ends at 11. Which is the reason behind why it’s the most detested shift. And it’s not only her. EVERYONE in the evening shift gets home late(late being what is considered late in Pakistan).

So she gave her resign and we all said our good-byes and how it was so nice to work with her ( total lie which is why I didn’t say anything sappy like that). And the next day, she took her resign back. Because she had had time to “reconsider” her decision and it was such a petty excuse to resign. The truth: She only took it back because she wanted to be in the morning shift and because of this fake-resign act, her wish had been granted.

Then she dropped another bomb: She wanted 20 days study leave. The girl who has never mentioned the “U” of university in all the time that I have known her. She said that she had to give some exams and carried a “date-sheet” just to prove it. I knew it right then that it was another bluff but I am amazed how everyone else believed her. She called after 20 days, though, saying that she would “not be able to continue the job” and “would meet in person” with my boss “to explain”.

Let me give you her explanation: She had found another job. That 20 days was just a trial period looking for the job. My boss came to me and was very worried. “She says’s she’s not going to come back”. I fought the urge to say:

Initially, I was not very sad at both of them bitches resigning. A) Because I was never friends with S. Marshal and even though I was very loyal with The irritating co-worker, she hadn’t been and B) I just couldn’t care to give a damn.

What I didn’t realize that as always, I was going to be the butt of the joke. Again.

We have VIP coming in on the 9th of March. So all the associates with a particular red uniform have to be there. He’s coming in the morning. So for me to be there equals missing one French class. I told my boss I wouldn’t be able to make it.

“Why not?”, he leaned back in his chair.

“Because I have a class. And I already started the classes late so I have missed a few sessions”.

“It’s just ONE class”.

“I’m sorry. I can’t”.

“Why not?”.

“Because I’m paying for it”. I don’t know why I said that.

“Hahaha, I can give you money for the class u missed”.

This was my next reply

Jerk. What a classic, asshole-ic, jerk! What the HELL is that supposed to mean?

“We would have called S. Marshal. She also has the red uniform. But since she has resigned, our only option is you”

The VIP’s flight is going to land at 12:30. I promised I would be there by then, missing half an hour of my three hour class. No way was I going to miss something that I was paying more than enough for.

Just so you know, this VIP person was scheduled to come in December 2013. He couldn’t make it because of some visa issue. He was booked again for sometime in January and all hell broke loose and everyone lost their minds. It turned out he wasn’t coming again because apparently he had missed his flight. He better turn up this time.


7 thoughts on “Butt of the joke

  1. Amazing you still stay chipper! There was a TV mini series entitled “Hotel” – you are living it woman!! Bitchy colleagues, crazy guests, GM from hell sometimes! You got a Hollywood block buster waiting to happen ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Really? They never aired it in Pakistan which is why I have never heard of it. That DOES sound like my hotel. Maybe it was based on someone who was in my place, before my time haha. Sometimes life does get so bizzare, I wonder how much money we will make if we agreed to do a reality TV. Featuring the hotel, crazy ass colleagues and guests!


        1. Hahahaha yeah it wasn’t that uniform for sure. I haven’t worn it since thanks to him. Too bad they wasted too much money on it.


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