My name is..

My name is Zareen. My official name is Syeda Zareen Salman. Syeda is my caste and Salman is my father’s name. That is my official name. Used on every official document. All my school records, high school and college information, all the awards and certificates (less awards and more certificates) have that name on record. 

As i entered teenage-hood, the relation between me and my father was strained. Because I would oppose to everything he say. Not to tease him or anything. I just have a different opinion than most people. So, I stopped using his name in my name. In normal class tests that weren’t so important I wrote my name as Zareen Naqvi (my caste). My email, my face book, my twitter …are all by this name. Everyone knew me by Zareen Naqvi in college. No one had a clue what my real, official name was. Not even my best bud.

It was my way of rebelling against my father. Although he was completely unaware of it.

So ..KARMA: I work online as well. And the name that I use on Odesk doesn’t match my the name my bank account is on.


Great. And I can’t just go to settings and click edit. No no no! I have to scan numerous official documents. I have to provide them with a gazillion documents to prove that I am Zareen Naqvi and Syeda Zareen Salman.

Great. Just great. I loved my name (actually, I still love the Zareen part) but I’m actually feeling like Neon Hitch.

P.S just in case you didn’t get the last line, Neon resented her parents for naming her Neon because she has to prove again and again that that is her real name!


Your thoughts?

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