5 celebs who look hot with mustaches

Ryan Gosling

If you have seen The Notebook, you MUST be a fan. He is undeniably one of the finest actors that we have who doesn’t look too bad unshaven!

Brad Pitt

A guy who needs no introduction, I’m sure. But in all honesty, doesn’t he look a bit like Robin Thicke?

Channing Tatum

You might remember him from the dance flick Step Up, the heart-breakingly-romantic Dear John or the romantic-comedy She’s The Man.

Bradley Cooper

The guy who rose to fame after Hangover and continued to stay a heart-throb to this day. He is mine at least. His biggest fashion blunder was when he permed his hair. Not this.

Adam Lambert

He has tried everything: from black hair with blue highlights to silver hair to wearing platform boots on the Idol stage and every thing else in between. Is it just me or does he look absolutely fab in this Lanvin suit as well?

These are my top favorites. Tell me your top five celebs with beards/mustaches!

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