Has the invention of social apps made us anti-social?

I was reading a magazine yesterday when I came across this bright red page with the headline “The new dating game”. The naive and silly girl that I am, I thought it
would contain some helpful tips to improve your dating “game”, something that would help you score more dates. But no, the article was really about a dating game. Online, of course. OF COURSE. Do people even play the games that aren’t online anymore?

So anyway, it was about this new social app called Tinder. It tracks your location through GPS and steals off all your information from your face book: your age, your interests blah blah. Based on these details, you are then shown pictures of hot (or not) people. You can either swipe right
(like) or swipe left (not like). So what happens when you”like” someone and they “like” you back? Bingo! You have a match! You can either send them a message or if you have changed your mind by then, you can “continue playing”. The article contained pro’s and cons of the game. Whereas people have actually met decent partners through Tinder, there is a huge lot out there to whom this is nothing more than a drinking game (according to the article).

What I don’t understand is…what the hell is wrong with us? Why do we prefer meeting people through a virtual screen rather than face-to-face? Why are we running away from social interaction?

Online dating does saves time. For workaholics, it’s a dream come true! Also,through dating sites, you are only matched up with the people you are compatible with. So you’re spared from the dreaded routine of making an effort of getting to know someone, only to realize that the only thing you have in common is that you live on the same planet.

But how do you that the “excellent chef” on his profile only means that he can make a good omelet? Or that five foot seven guy that you think is your soul mate is really five foot seven? Sure enough, people , the ones you find online and the ones you interact with in person, lie about themselves, from time to time. But the truth has a better chance of coming out if your communication includes face to face conversations, instead of instant or face book messages.

I, myself, have friends online that I communicate with every now and then. We have meaningful conversations and it’s great knowing that you can be at such ease with someone you have never met. And I think it’s just that. When you’re talking to someone online, there’s a virtual curtain beyond which you can’t see. So it’s easy to tell them your secrets rather than someone you meet on daily basis. At the same time, I do urge people to get the hell out of the house and take a walk in the park and just talk to somebody!

And in the end,I guess it’s not true what they say. Technology hasn’t brought us closer. All these so-called social apps have done is made us less social and more virtually social. What’s your take on this?


Your thoughts?

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